My tastes they are simple, I care not for wealth,
So long as I'm blest withy a good share of health;
I'll tell you my wants and I think you'll agree,
That it takes very little to satisfy me.
I am not ambitious and ne'er spent an hour,
In pining for place or position or power;
No envy have I for our rulers above,
But glory in in gaining true friendship and love.

Chorus: Give me the girl that is tender and true,
Give me the friend that is faithful to you,
Give me a glass, a pipe and a song,
Then I'll be as happy as the day is long.

In search of enjoyments wherever we roam,
There's none that can equal the sweet joys of home;
If there we have kindness, entertainment and rest,
Domestic felicity I think the best,
Let some seek for fame upon far, distant fields,
And find what an empty illusion it yields;
Let others take pleasure however they may,
I'll still enjoy life in my own quiet way.


'Tis no use to worry and flurry, I find,
To gather up hoards that we must leave behind,
Regrets will not alter our station a jot,
So try to be happy whatever your lot;
Remember that happiness does not depend,
Upon the amount of cash you can spend,
Those days are most pleasant and so are the nights,
That are passed in the simplest and purest delights.


You'll own ere my song to the finish is brought,
True friendship and love they are not to be bought,
In them you may trust, whate're may befall,
And that's why I prize them as dearest of all;
The pipe has a smoothing effect on the mind,
The glass and the song cheer the heart when combined;
With friends all around and the girl you admire,
What else is there left in this world to desire.

Written, composed and performed by Fred Albert (1844-1886)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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