Some discontented people always will complain
One day they've too much sunshine, another too much rain.
I take the world as it comes its pleasures and its woe
And all my neighbours call me happy Granny Snow...

Chorus: I always speak my mind in spite of friend or foe,
   Where'er I roam I'm always known as happy granny Snow.
   I always speak my mind in spite of friend or foe,
   Where'er I roam I'm always known as happy Granny Snow.

Perhaps in my opinions many think me wrong
But I like to speak my mind on things as they pass along;
For I've no boys to teaze, No girls to add to my woe,
I roam where'er I please, I'm happy Granny Snow.

Do you read the daily news? is it true what they relate?
If so England should be proud of each County Magistrate,
Who think it a crime to be poor, to prison all must go,
If they beg for bread they get stone walls instead;
Is that right says Granny Snow.

The girl who begs for scraps, the boy who kills a hare,
The man who sleeps beneath the hedge, the child who finds a snare,
Will it cause a reformation if they to prison go?
Give them food and education says happy Granny Snow.

Across the broad Atlantic, the cry is war to the knife,
Sure some kind hand should interfere to stay this deadly strife.
In Lancashire they suffer much from hunger, want, and woe,
Ought our countrymen to starve for them, says happy granny Snow.

There is glorious Garibaldi for his country fought and bled,
He struggled hard for liberty, but a prison found instead;
To be just as well as generous, let him to England come, [go, in broadsides]
Where he'll meet ten thousand welcomes, says happy Granny Snow.

About the Prince of Wales much has been said and done,
And in another day or two he will be twenty-one;
And he to spend his birthday, to Germany must go,
Isn't England good enough for him, says happy Granny Snow.
Written and composed by Harry Clifton & Charles Davenport - 1862
Performed by Harry Clifton (1824-1872)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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