Him: Tell me when you've got an hour to spare
Then we'll fix up when to meet and where
I should like to make it very soon
Say perhaps tomorrow afternoon
Let's compare engagement-books and see
Which days both of us are free.

Her: On Monday I must go shopping
On Tuesday I've calls to pay
On Wednesday I'm asked out to luncheon
On Thursday I'm booked all day
On Friday I've heaps of appointments
That somehow I must get through
But I've nothing very much on Saturday
So I'll meet you at half past two.

Him: Shall I come and meet you all alone?
Or do you think we need a chaperone?

Her: Chaperones should never be allowed
Three is always such a fearful crowd

Him: What about the place of rendezvous?

Her: That's a thing I'd rather leave to you

Him: I'll meet you at Hyde Park Corner
I'll meet you in Rotten Row
We might try the British Museum
But perhaps that's a trifle slow
We could meet at the Tower of London
Or perhaps you prefer the Zoo

Her: Oh the animals are fed there on Saturday

Him: We'll lunch there at half past two.
Words and music by Percy Greenbank/Arthur Wimperis & Howard Talbot - 1909
Performed by Phyllis Dare & Harry Welchman
Also performed by Richard Carle & Hattie Williams
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