Kelly and his sweetheart wore a very pleasant smile
As bent upon a holiday they went from Mona's Isle
They landed safe in London, but alas it's sad to say
Poor Kelly lost his little girl up Piccadilly way
She searched for him in vain, and then of course began to fret
And this is the appeal she made to everyone she met,

Chorus: "Has anybody here seen Kelly?
K - E double L - Y
Has anybody here seen Kelly?
Find him if you can
He's as bad as old Antonio
Left me on my ownio
Has anybody here seen Kelly?
Kelly from the Isle of Man."

When it started raining she exclaimed, "What shall I do?"
For Kelly had her ticket and her spending money too
She wandered over London like a hound upon the scent
At last she found herself outside the House of Parliament
She got among the suffragettes who chained her to the grill
And soon they heard her shouting in a voice both loud and shrill.


After she escaped from several gentlemen in blue
She very quickly started making headway for the Zoo
From there she made her way towards Tussaud's great waxwork show
'Twould be a likely place, thought she, to find her missing beau
The Chamber full of Horrors very quickly came in sight
She looked in every corner and then yelled with all her might.


Last Chorus: Has anybody here seen Florrie? F.O.R.D.E.
Has anybody here seen Florrie? Find her if you can
For she's not all skin and bone-e-o
And you bet it's all her own-e-o
Has anybody here seen Florrie? What Florrie?
Florrie from the Isle of Man.

Written and composed by C.W. Murphy and Will Letters - 1909
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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