Once upon a time I loved a chap called Jim
He wasn't werry 'andsome, but I took a like to 'im
And vough that is some time ago, a tear comes to my eye
To fink as how when fust we met, to court me he did try.

Chorus: He put his arm around my waist like vis
In such an artful knowin' little way
But alvo' his way was takin', he was stupid at love-making
For he didn't seem to know just what to say.

I fink it was my fault, no 'couragement I give
He tried to ask me for my' and, myself I can't forgive
O' course I fought that I was fly, so ne'er a word I spoke
Anover donah collered 'im, and took away my bloke.

Chorus: When I heard it, well, I fought as I should drop
'Ad the blooming cheek herself to name the day
I see'd poor Jim a-falter, when he took her to the Alter
And he didn't seem to know just what to say.

Two years had passed away, and Jim was not seen round about
There was something up 'tween 'im and 'er there warn't the slightest doubt.
I heard she'd left 'im wiv two kids, two little mites, an' fled
The next fing that I heard of 'er, I heard that she was dead.

Chorus: Then I see'd 'im with a black band round 'is 'at
His dear old face was pinched an' ashen grey
When he spoke I felt a shakin', for I knew his heart was breakin'
But I didn't seem to know just what to say.

The course of real love never did run smooth they say
Yet in spite of all that's past, it's coming round our way
He's 'inted that his kiddies want a mother's love and care
Says he's got his eye on someone who he'd like his lot to share.

Chorus: So he's asked me if wiv him I'll take a walk
Says he wants to ask me somefing on the way
This time I'll make no fuss, if he says ''ave me' I'll say 'Yuss!'
And that's just about the proper fing to say.
Written, composed and performed by Harry Pleon (1861-1911)
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