Out amongst the flowers sweet
Lingers pretty Marguerite
Sowing with her hands so white
Future blossoms fair and bright
And the sun-beams lovingly
Kiss sweet Marguerite for me
Kiss my little lady sweet
Blue-eyed gentle Marguerite.

When I say 'Oh Marguerite,
All my heart is at your feet
Turn it to a garden fair
See it blossom 'neath your care
Till it yields for you alone
Wondrous fragrance all your own
And its sweetest flowers shall grow
For my Marguerite I know.

Blushes deepen in her cheek
Ere the shy red lips can speak
'Ah! But what if weeds should grow
'Mongst the flowers you bid me sow?'
'Love will pluck them out' I cry
'Trust me, Marguerite so shy
Let my heart your garden be
Give the seeds of love to me.'
Performed by Anona Winn (1908-1994)
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