Three little lads were seated one day,
And their love stories did tell
Tom told of Kitty, who was so pretty
Frank told of his sweetheart Nell
Then the last one to speak was poor little Jack
Unto his pals he did say
I'll tell you of one who's equalled by none
And this was his story that day.

Chorus: Her eyes don't shine like diamonds
She has no golden hair
I know she loves me dearly
Then what more need I care
With a smile she always greets me
From her I ne'er will part
For lads I love my Mother
And she's my sweetheart.

When Tom grew to manhood he wed a dear girl
And Frank, his old pal, did the same
Jack went away, returned home one day
And with him brought fortune and fame
And on his dear friends one night he did call
Then they sat at the old fire-side
'Are you married,' Tom said
But Jack shook his head
'I've a sweetheart,' and then he replied,

Recorded by George J. Gaskin (The Silver Voiced Irish Tenor) - 1895
Written and composed by David Marion
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