At the club one evening Jones was telling all his pals
How much he hated girls despite their golden girls
"You wouldn't catch me with a girl, you bet your life" said he
"Girls possess no charms for me"
Then one chap there at Jones began to leer
Picked up his cane and said to him, "Come here"

Chorus: "Hold your hand out naughty boy
Hold your hand out naughty boy
Last night in the pale moonlight
I saw you, I saw you
With a nice girl in the Park
You were strolling full of joy
And you told her you'd never kissed a girl before
Hold your hand out naughty boy."

Brown got down to breakfast, and his wife said to him
"What kept you late last night?" He answered, "That's all right,
I stayed down at the office, dear, just for an hour or two
I'd some pressing work to do"
Just then the saucy servant standing near
Bent down and whispered in his ear,


Sanctimonious Obadiah to sweetheart May one night
The tale was telling strong, said he, "To flirt is wrong."
"And am I then the only girl you've loved?" said darling May
He replied "Yer, sister, Yer"
Then from beneath the sofa near the fire
Her little brother shouted "Obadiah."


All alone to Gay Paree on business went papa
And when he landed back, his wife said, "Tell me Jack,
While you have been in Paris have you always thought of me?"
"Always darling", murmured he
"For you love I've been pining night and day"
And then the gramophone began to play.

Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & Worton David
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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