'Twas on the good ship Cuspidor, we sailed through Baffin's Bay
We tied her to the Ocean while the bul-warks ate some hay
The captain said, 'We'll tie the ship whatever else be-tied'
And drank a pint of gasoline with whiskey on the side
He had lost his breath, but soon it was restored
It was midnight in the galley, it was one beside the dock
But by the starboard watch 'twas only half-past nine o' clock
The first mate said, 'Unhitch the mules, we're going thorugh a lock.'
And then the bosun went and put the larboard watch in 'hock'
For the good ship didn't have a centre board.

Chorus: Avast! belay! hurrah for Baffin's Bay
We couldn't find the pole because the barber moved away
The boat was cold, we tho't we'd got the grip
So the painters put three coats upon the ship
Hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hurrah for Baffin's Bay.

A brace of wild ducks perched upon the starboard mizzen clew
The Captain spliced the mainbrace and he braced us for a chew
He said, 'We'll dine on duck and wine, I know we'll have good luck.'
But there was no Piper Heidseick, so the bosum chased the duck
And he piped the chickens to the forward hatch
We were told to weigh the anchor but the scales were full if ice
We couldn't weigh it all at once, we had to weigh it twice
The second mate fell overboard, it dried him to the skin
He got aboard without a rope, we couldn't rope him in
For he lit aboard us with a parlour match.

Chorus: Avast! belay! hurrah for Baffin's Bay
A whale began to blubber, he was sorely tried one day
He mashed a sweet potato on a ship
But he found she was a Saratoga chip
Hip, hip, hip, hip, hip, hurrah for Baffin's Bay.
Written and composed by Theodore F. Morse & Vincent Bryan - 1903
Performed by Dan W. Quinn
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