I've been with a few of my cronies
One or two pals of mine
We went in a hotel, we did very well,
Then we came out again
And then we went in another
That is the reason I'm through
We had six doch and dorises, then sang a chorus
Just listen I'll sing it to you.

Chorus: I belong to Glasgow, dear old Glasgow town
Something's the matter with Glasgow
For it's going round and round
I'm only a common old working chap
As anyone here can see
But when I've had a couple of drinks on a Saturday
Glasgow belongs to me.

There's nothing in being teetotal
And saving a shilling or two
If yer money is spent, there's nothing to lend
And that's all the better for you
There's nay harm in taking a drabbie
It ends all your trouble and strife
And it gives you a feeling that when you land home
You don't care a hang for your wife.

Performed by Will Fyffe (1885-1947)
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