A chamber-maid's life in a country hotel
(That's to say if the hotel's commercial)
Is full of anxieties. yet gay as well
On account of the giddy commercial
When I take up his water for shaving
At eight, (a commercial is no early riser)
He'll often desire me to 'Come in and wait'
But I know that commercial, 'Good bye Sir'

Chorus: I could give him away, but I won't
No. I won't, no I won't
I could tell why I cried out 'Oh don't'
But I won't, no I won't.

And sometimes his wife will come down there to stay
So she's called by that giddy commecial
It's strange, though, how those two turn night into day
Lots of gas burns that wicked commercial
But on his next round, suppose three months have passed
Since that dreadful man paid us a visit
A strange girl will come who's decidedly fast
He says it's his wife, I say, 'Is it?'

Chorus: I could give him away, but I won't
No. I won't, no I won't
He forgets who is wife is... I don't
But I don't, no I don't.

Of course I've a lover _ what nice girl has not
And that! (snaps fingers) for the lady who hasn't
He took me out one day, oh it was hot
But still, at the same time, 'twas pleasant
We went on the railway, some way out of town
The train was travelling fast _ like the wind, oh
I was in his dear arms, his blue eyes glancing down
When a guard's face appeared at the window.

Chorus: He could give us away, but he won't
No. he won't, no he won't
Object to take tips? No they don't
No they don't, Oh they don't.
Performed by Louise Beaudet (1861-1947)
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