I love a Lassie, a bonny Highland Lassie
If you'd seen her you'd fancy her as well
I met her in September and popped the question in November
So I'll soon be havin' her all to myself
Her father has consented so I'm feeling quite contented
'Cause I've been and sealed the bargain with a kiss
I sit and weary, weary, when I think about my deary
An' you'll always hear me singing this.

Chorus: I love a Lassie, a bonny, bonny Lassie
She's as pure as the Lily in the Dell
She's as sweet as the heather, the bonny bloomin' heather
Mary ma Scotch Blue-bell.

I love a Lassie, a bonny Highland Lassie
She can warble like a blackbird in the dell
She's an angel every Sunday, but a jolly lass on Monday
She's as modest as her name-sake, the blue-bell
She's nice and neat and tidy, and I meet her every Friday
That's a very special night I wouldn't miss
I'm enchanted, I'm enraptured, since my heart the darling captured
She's intoxicated me with bliss.


I love a Lassie, a bonny Highland Lassie
I could sit and let her tease me for a week
For the way she keeps behavin', well I never pay for shavin'
'Cause she rubs ma whiskers clean off with her cheek
And underneath ma bonnet, where the hair was, there's none on it
For the way she pats ma head has made me bald
I ken she means no harm, for she'll keep me nice and warm
On the frosty nights so very cauld.

Written by Harry Lauder and Gerald Grafton
Performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950)
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