You've heard of the gal Dolly Day-Dream
Who's lately created a stir
She's stolen my old man's affections
And he's simply dotty on her
But, oh if I drop across 'Henry'
When he's hanging outside Dolly's door
I'm sure to forget I'm a lady
And catch him a smack on the jaw.

Chorus: I'll give him Dolly Day-Dream the pride of Idaho
I'll give him mashing ladies, down where the poppies grow
If I catch him kissing her there's sure to be some strife
If he's got anything to give away
Let him come and give it to his wife.

He blacks himself up like a negro
Then into the garden he goes
And sends all the neighbours balmy
By singing coon songs through his nose
This morning I spotted the joker
He was capering round our waterbutt
Dressed up in his coloured pyjamas
And our kids straw hat on his nut.


Miss Day-Dream she gives him the nightmare
And often I'm ready to weep
He wraps himself up in the bedclothes
And then starts to talk in his sleep
It's all about coons and plantations
Where the sun's always shining, alack
I soon make him think about ice-bergs
When I plant my cold feet on his back.

Written and composed by A. J. Mills & Albert Perry
Performed by Charles Bignell (1866-1935)
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