McGurgle went to a picnic, and sat on the grass you see
But in a moment he felt awful agony
He started taking his kilt off, the ladies shouted whoa
'What's the matter with you now Mac?' said he, 'I hardly know,

But I'm going to see, I'm going to see
You've laughed and giggled and thought it fun
Girls you'd better all take a run
In my kilt there's been a bumble bee
So whether there's anything there to laugh at
I'm going to see.

The missis she asked me to buy her some stockings new today
And she began to say before I went away
You'd better buy me the very latest colour up in town
But I don't know if the latest shade that's worn is black or brown.

But I'm going to see, I'm going to see
I've got a mouse that I'm going to drop
Among the girls inside the shop
Up they'll jump on chairs, oh deary me
The shade of stockings the girls are wearing
I'm going to see.

I'm fond of the giddy young girls you know
If black, white or tan, I love all of them for I'm a ladies man,
I've had enough of the girls here, they lead me such a dance
But I've been given to understand they're rather nice in France.

So I'm going to see, I'm going to see
The girls they tickle a man to death
After kissing him out of breath
Don't I hope they started a-tickling me
I've heard it's a beautiful death to die
So I'm going to see.
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