I'm sitting on the style Mary, where we sat side by side
On a bright May morning long ago, when first you were my bride
The corn was springing fresh and green and the lark sang loud and high
And the red was on your lip Mary, and the love light in your eye.

The place is little changed Mary, the day is bright as then
The lark's loud song is in my ear and the corn is green again
But I miss the soft clasp of your hand, and your breath, warm on my cheek
And I still keep listening for the words you never more will speak
You never more will speak.

I'm very lonely now Mary, for the poor make no new friends
But oh, they love the better still the few our Father sends
And you were all I had Mary - my blessing and my pride
There's nothing left to care for now since my poor Mary died.

I'm bidding you a long farewell my Mary, kind and true
But I'll not forget you darling, in the land I'm going to
They say there's bread and work for all, and the sun shines always there
But I'll not forget old Ireland, were it fifty times as fair
Were it fifty times as fair.
Performed by George Barker (1812-1876)
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