As we jog along the 'Road
   Of Life' we pass a load,
Of discontented mortals who have gone too fast;
   Forfeiting their health,
   In the modern race for wealth
Until completely beaten they break down at last,
   But others slow and sure,
   The journey can endure,
Although the road is rugged with its dales and hills,
   They ought to bear in mind,
   In life they'll always find,
It's not the miles we travel, but the pace that kills.

        Chorus: Remember what I say,
   If you wish to pay your way,
And no be troubled day and night with duns and bills,
   Don't travel on too fast,
   Or you may break down at last,
For it's not the miles we travel, but the pace that kills.

   I'll tell you in my song,
   How it is I get along,
So easily, and merrily, on life's highway,
   For riches I ne'er fret,
   And I don't run into debt,
So I never find it dificult my bills to pay;
   I never rail at fate,
   I envy not the great,
Employment keeps me healthy, and good temper keeps me gay.
   I know that labour's sweet,
   So I earn before I eat,
And that's the way to travel boys, on life's highway.


   If fortune won't be kind,
   At first why never mind,
Keep boldly trudging on but not too fast,
   Take both good and bad,
   As it comes, and don't be sad,
If you only persevere you'll reach the goal at last;
   And if your fare is coarse,
   Think it might have been much worse,
So travel on contented and don't despise,
   The man that's slow and steady,
   Always watching, always ready,
Is the man to win the 'Race for Wealth' and gain the prize.

Written and composed by Harry Clifton & J. Holbrook Jnr. - 1868
Performed by Harry Clifton (1832-1872)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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