I wos stuffin' up a winder wot wos broke the other day
With a tanner ladies paper called the 'Queen'
Of course I didn't buy it, it's a lot too much to pay
For a pocket where a bob is seldom seen
It's a sort of high class 'P'lice News' which is taken by the swells
When they go to fetch the Sunday dinner beer
And the part wot interested me is where the paper tells
That the Queen has ruled a court for sixty years.

Chorus: And there's my old mother wot is eighty years today
Though it's never yet been mentioned in the 'Queen'
But I think it really ought - sixty years she's bossed our Court
It's the strangest co-in-ci-dence I 'ave seen.

There's a Baron been a-buyin' of a lovely Indian shawl
And he's sent it to his auntie's town abode
Well, my brother saw my trousers wot wos 'anging on the wall
And he took 'em to his uncle's down the road
It mentions that the Duke 'as gone to Portland for the day
Why, I've got a cousin stoppin' there for life
And the Queen went out a-drivin' in her carriage yesterday
Why, the very same thing 'appened to my wife.

Chorus: Yes, there's my old woman went a-drivin' yesterday
Though no mention in the paper 'as there been
With the moke she 'ad to roam, takin' all the washin' 'ome
It's the strangest co-in-ci-dence I 'ave seen.

Now it sez the Duke is staying at the castle with 'er Grace
Oh, the way they treat the nobs is really prime
And in the blooming 'Castle' you can often see my face
But they always chucks me out at closing time
It tell you that the Prince 'as 'ad to run away from Cowes
And today a bullock chased me down the street
And it sez 'er Gracious Majesty, a crown upon 'er brow
'As only got one single Windsor seat.

Chorus: And there's my young sister wot wos spliced the other day
It's a wedding wot reporters 'asn't seen
Though no golden crown she wears
Still she's got six Windsor chairs
It's the strangest co-in-ci-dence I 'ave seen.

Written and composed by E. Bateman& George Le Brunn - 1900
Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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