When Johnny left the Walworth Road, a soldier boy to be
About his awkward style people jested
They said, 'They'll never take him in the army when they see
He's pigeon-toed and also narrow chested.'
But Oh my, they fairly copped the spur
When the sergeant handed him the coin
And now he's a Gordon Highlander
All the other fellows want to join, for

Chorus: When Johnny came marching home
When Johnny came marching home
He looked so finely built
Quite a warrior in his kilt
The girls all cried as he walked round the houses
'Oh come and have a look at Johnny without his trousis.'

He didn't join the Scotch Brigade without a lot of fuss
He thought his cockney accent they would tumble
For when they asked him, 'Are you Scotch?' he quickly answered 'Yuss
Oh strike me up a bilb'ry! Can't you rumble?'
The first time he wandered on parade In his lovely kilt he looked so gay
But oh dear, he felt a bit afraid - it was such a very windy day, but


When first he came on furlough and he trotted down the road
In beer and 'bacca all his cronies found him
He fairly knocked the neighbourhood he very quickly showed
For all the girls they started hanging round him
But he shocked his mother if you please
When she looked she shouted in dismay
'Now, just go and cover up your knees
And throw that blooming whitewash brush away.'

Written and composed by A. J. Mills & Albert Perry - 1899
Performed by Marie Kendall (1873-1964)
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