Songs have been sung in most ev'ry tongue
Just for a girl
Men have won fame, honour and name
Just for a girl.
Of course she's expensive, we know that is true
Without the dear creatures what would poor man do?
There's nothing in this world he wouldn't go through
Just for a girl

Chorus: Just for a girl, just for a girl
If her eyes are brown or blue
It's all the same if they smile for you
Just for a girl, just for a girl
We smile and we sigh, we fight and we die
Just for a girl.

Wealth has been sought and great battles fought
Just for a girl
Kings have lost thrones, and men have lost homes
Just for a girl
We can't help but love her tho', try as we might
We'll pray she'll be true as the stars shining bright
There's many a heart that is breaking tonight
Just for a girl.

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