I am so glad, 'cause I love a handsome girl
All around the neighbours they call her saucy Sal
I love the girl sincerely... I know that she loves me
The lass I love belongs to such a decent family.

Chorus: Her Father and her Mother, her sister and her brother
Her uncle and her auntie, her nephew and her niece
She said she had a cousin, I found she'd half a dozen
And the whole blessed family were known to the police.

Her Father was a poacher and one night they did him nail
Her Mother stole the time of day and got six months in jail
Her sister took some washing in, her liberty it cost
Her brother he found lots of coin, I think before 'twas lost.


Her uncle he was collared selling whiskey on the sly
Her auntie did some 'stepping' 'cause she blacked a bobby's eye
Her nephew he made money, he made it in a mould
Her niece she tried to pass it, but the pair of them got 'sold'.


Her cousins joined the army but their characters were bad
For quickly they deserted, so they stuck them all in quad
And my gal, she knows a thing or two, at least the neighbours say
She lived sometime, in foreign parts, at a place called Botany Bay.

Performed by Fred Coyne (1845-1886)
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