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La Fievre Militaire Albert Chevalier
Lads From Our Village, The Zona Vevey
Lag's Lament, The Albert Chevalier
Lambeth Walk, The (1899) Alec Hurley
Lambeth Walk, The (1937) Lupino Lane
Lamplighter, The Little Tich
Language Of London Town, The Arthur Lennard
Language Of Popular Song, The Bella Lloyd
Lass Who Loved A Sailor, The Vesta Victoria
Last Bus Home At Night, The Reuben Hill
Last Cabby, The Herbert Mundin
Last Of The Sandies, The Harry Lauder
Late And Early Club Eunice Vance
Latest Chap On Earth, The Vesta Tilley
Laughable Times George Collins
Laughing Policemen, The Charles Penrose
Laughing And Crying Song, The  
Lay Of The Very Last Minstrel, The  
Leader Of Society, A Lottie Collins
Lecturer, The Dan Leno
Left Us Tom Garrick
Let Go, Eliza Frank Seeley
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Maude Galbraith
Let Me Sing Wilkie Bard
Let The Great Big World Keep Turning Laddie Cliff
Let The Rest Of The World Go By Ernest R. Ball
Let The Rest Of The World Go By (Parody)  
Let's All Go Down The Strand Charles R. Whittle
Let's Call All The Money In  
Let's Go Round And Have A Taster Ernie Mayne
Let's Go Where All The Crowd Goes Billy Williams
Let's Have A Basin Of Soup Harry Champion
Let's Have A Chorus We Can All Sing Jack Charman
Let's Have A Song Upon The Gramophone Billy Williams
Let's Have A Tiddley At The Milk-Bar Nellie Wallace
Let's Have Another One Together Billy Williams
Let's Make A Night Of It Vesta Tilley
Let's Play Something That We All Know Jack Pleasants
Life In The East End Of London J.W. Rowley
Lifeboat Man's Story, The Tom Leamore
Like A Girl Constance Moxon
Like A Good Little Wife Should Do Florrie Forde
Lily of Laguna Eugene Stratton
Limerick Mad Wilkie Bard
Listen To Me And I'll Prove That I'm Right Sam Mayo
Listen With The Right Ear Marie Lloyd
Little Alabama Coon Bessie Wentworth
Little Annie Rooney Michael Nolan
Little Billy's Wild Woodbines Billy Williams
Little Bird Told Me, A C. Robins-Piercy
Little Bit Of Cucumber, A Harry Champion
Little Bit Of East Up West  
Little Bit Of Lovin', A Marie Lloyd
Little Bit Off The Top, A Harry Bedford
Little Bit's Better Than Nothing At All, A Fred Duprez
Little Cup Of Tea, A Tom Clare
Little Dolly Daydream Eugene Stratton
Little Golden Hair (Parody) Arthur Lennard
Little Idea Of My Own, A George Robey
Little Irish Postman, The Pat Rafferty
Little Johnny Porter R.A. Roberts
Little Love, A Little Kiss, A José Collins
Little Mad'moiselle, The Vesta Tilley
Little Miss Muffet Sat On A Tuffet G.H. MacDermott
Little Moore And Farr Clifford Grey
Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good, A Marie Lloyd
Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me, The Tom Woottwell
Little Thing Like This Is Very Handy, A Alf Chester
Little Yellow Bird Ellaline Terriss
Liza Had Hold Of My Hand Jack Pleasants
Liza Johnson Kate Carney
Lloyd George's Beer Ernie Mayne
Lloyd Jarge Ernest Shand
Logic Ben Albert
London Fred Albert
London's Beautiful  
Long Years Ago Jack Pleasants
Look Out Boys! There's A Girl About Lottie Lennox
Look What Percy's Picked Up In The Park Vesta Victoria
Looking For A Coon Like Me Bessie Wentworth
Looking For Mugs In The Strand George Formby Sr.
Lord Lovel Sam Cowell
Lord Mayor's Coachman, The Harry Freeman
Lost Chord, The Alma Gluck
Lost Her Way Walter Munroe
Lost Luggage Man, The George Robey
Lost, Stolen Or Strayed Millie Lindon
Lot 99 Rose Harvey
Lots Of Other Things Peggy Pryde
Louie Didn't Know Alice Lloyd
Love Is A Mystery Albert Chevalier
Love's Old Sweet Song Clara Butt
Low-Back'd Car, The Samuel Lover
Lowther Arcade, The (The Tin Gee-Gee) Fanny Wentworth
Lucky Jim George Formby Sr.
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