Young Fred had a tiff with his sweetheart
But was sorry he'd caused the girl pain
He felt very lonely without her
So he wanted to be friends again
And as he often went to the Music Halls
He thought he would write her a note
In the language of popular songs that he'd heard
And this is just what the chap wrote,

Chorus: 'Lazy, Daisy, Maisy, are we to part like this?
For old time's sake..... don't let my loving heart break
What will your answer be? I swear by the stars above you
That I'll be your sweetheart because... I love you.'

He received no reply to his letter
So he made up his mind then and there
He determined that he'd serenade her
And win back his sweet lady fair
So that night he popped round to his sweetheart's house
To sing to the girl of his choice
And he made all the poor pussy-cats cry with pain
As he bawled in a terrible voice,


Just then, several voices cried, 'Stop it,
You silly-eyed, soft-headed jay
That house has been closed for a fortnight
And the people have all gone away.'
Poor Fred felt like sinking right through his shoes
His heart was as heavy as lead
And the neighbours all took up the Chorus:for him
As sadly he crawled home to bed

Performed by Bella Lloyd (1877-1962)
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