It isn't everything as changes, changes for the good,
More often it's the opposite, I find.
But I've always been contented, to leave the things invented,
To them as 'as a restless sort o' mind.
Now, when the motor cars got started, all the 'ansom cabs departed
And I'd a bit I'd put by in the bank.
And I'm glad I didn't give in, 'coz I earn a tidy livin',
With the only 'ansom cab on the rank.
It's at night times I get busy, when the clubs is shuttin' shop,
There's always some old boy who'll wave 'is stick for me to stop.
For old times sake 'e clambers in and leans back with a sigh,
If you could see 'is face, you'd see a twinkle in 'is eye.
'E's thinkin' of the days when round the stage-door 'e would roam,
I'd like a quid for every girl that old boy's driven home.

It isn't everything as changes, changes for the good,
As that old toff could tell, without a doubt.
You could see 'e was a rambler round the back of 'The Alhambra',
And many times 'e's kissed the chickadee,
Then across the square 'e'd 'op it, to 'The Empire' where 'e'd cop it,
But if 'e went round there now 'e'd draw a blank.
Though 'The Astor' draws the swell down, they're not the stairs 'e fell down,
When the 'ansom cabs was lined up on the rank.
I fell in love with my old mare, when first I saw 'er shod,
But I can't see 'ow a man can come to love a piston-rod.
The mare an' I we're best o' pals, she's fairly earned 'er rest,
Well, she's not as young as she used to be... but still, she gives 'er best.
She wouldn't win no derby if you gave 'er 'alfway start,
But I wouldn't swap yer motor-car, for Pansy... bless 'er 'eart.

No, it isn't everything as changes, changes for the good,
But it's nice to know the mare won't come to 'arm.
When they puts me on a stretcher, there'll be someone'll come an' fetch 'er,
And she's gonna have the run of all the farm.
Can you see 'er airs an' graces as across the field she races,
An' if I'm an angel, I'll be on 'er flank,
An' if I ever cross that spinney, then per'aps I'll 'ear 'er whinney...
For the pal what used t' feed 'er on the rank.
Performed by Herbert Mundin (1898-1939)
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