There's many a man in the Cameron clan
That has followed his chief to the field
I am the last of the famous Macfuddles
And I would die before I would yield
But I wouldn't like to die just now
For look what Society would miss
The ladies all stop me a tell me if I
Was to die they'd have nothing to kiss.

Chorus: Och! my! all the nice ladies they meet me
And treat me to sodas and brandies
Just because I am Sandy Macfuddle,
Esquire, the last o' the Sandies.

My grandfather great lived in style and in state
And his castle is still in Dundee
The girls cooed and kissed, laid their heads on his chest
But he's dead, and now they're all after me
So a nice lass I took for a stroll, ye ken
Her love I could scarcely believe
When I kissed her hand she looked at me, and wiped
The tears from her chin with her sleeve.


The last of my clan, I'm a pet ladies man
I'm a Hielan'man true tae the hilt
Lassies all ask me for locks of my hair
Or for just a wee bit off my kilt
The Macfuddles, ye ken, were a' handsome men
They lived upon whuskey and beer
It's plain, by my face, I'm of some noble race
Yes, the last o' the Sandies stands here.

Performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950)
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