(The Night Birds)

I'm a member of a club, not far from here, boys
Composed of dear boys, we're all sincere boys,
We all are fond of wine and women, I've a notion,
And swear devotion, with much emotion.
The wine cup gleams with glorious wine that is bright as maidens eyes,
As our voices gayly rise and we toast the ones we prize.
Till morning comes merrily, cheerily, we take fresh supplies,
As we gayly laugh, 'Ha Ha!'
Everyone knows who we are.

Chorus: We're all night-birds, keeping the neighbours alive,
Keeping the neighbours alive, toddling home about five,
We're all night birds, shoulders we gayly rub,
Full of noise, we're the go ahead boys of the Late and Early Club.

When the wine is in, the wit begins to wander,
Of girls we're fonder and money squander.
We mash sweet milliners and pretty lady teachers
The charming creatures and kiss their features.
But when we're right full, up to the brim and the wine has turned each head,
Into flighty freaks we're led and the town is painted red.
We don't care that for the force, or their high and mighty tread,
As we're kind o' of thick you know,
When we razzle-dazzle go.


But when of the law sometimes we are the breakers,
The policemen shake us, to the prison take us,
And then before the learned judge all melancholy,
We think our folly, not half so jolly.
He says 'You've been such merry young dudes with your jovial song and shout,
Knocked the officers about, turned the whole place inside out.
You'll all look well in the tombs, there is not the slightest doubt,
And then with manly pride,
Can tell your friends inside'


Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1898
Performed by Eunice Vance (b. 1858)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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