Last week I came on a trip to London
Thought that I should have a jolly day
I'd been five years saving up my money
But how soon it melted right away
Outside the station there I met a man
Said I was his sister, called me Mary Ann
Said he'd like to show me the sights of London Town
And everything he showed me, why, it cost me half a crown

Chorus: But London's beautiful
Hey it is a lovely place
The things I saw, dear oh lor
I saw things I never saw before
Oh such funny 'uns, my sides I thought I'd crack
For they made me laugh all round my face
And half way down my back

It seemed strange how people seemed to know me
Perhaps because I'm always so refined
Some chap on a cab he called me 'hansom'
I said, 'Thank you Sir, you're very kind.'
I saw an old gal riding on some wheels
Jumped up behind her, to see just how it feels
But I'd never have done it if I'd only known
For down I came wallop right upon my funny-bone


At the Zoo I saw some funny things there
One big monster walking on a track
I'd a cake, but I couldn't find his mouth
He'd a tail at the front and the back
Then in a 'wax-works' a fellow made me squeal
Stuck a pin into me to see if I was real
Saw some ballet girls, too, dressed in leaves, that's all
And a man began to whistle 'When the leaves begin to fall'

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