Nancy Lee was a fisherman's daughter,dwelt by the shimmering tide
And just as a fisherman's daughter oughter, said she'd be a fisherman's bride
Aye, none but a fisherman's bride
So when to woo came a lad in blue, the poor old father cried
'Though it leaves me sad, you may take her lad
But remember when the knot is tied,

Chorus: 'Man and wife should always pull together
Each should be the other's guiding star
On life's sea true mates they ought to be
Till they cross the harbour bar.'

Off they sailed through troublesome waters
Found in the sea of life
Each storm proved the fisherman's loving daughter
Fit to be a fisherman's wife
Aye, fit for a fisherman's wife
But squalls would rise, then with tear-dimmed eyes
Back, back her thoughts would stray
To the songs of old, with the words of gold
To her husband then she'd softly say
Aye, her father's words she'd softly say,


Folks be warned when it's treacherous weather
Stick to your lifelong mate
You'll find that if you don't pull away together
Never will the craft sail straight
No, never can the craft sail straight
When time or fate makes you separate
You'll miss the one you wed
Sorry hours you'll pass, for too late, alas
You'll regret the many harsh words said
So remember what the old man said.

Written and composed by C. W. Murphy & D. Lipton
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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