I never could get on with strangers somehow
Strange faces I never could see
Now I met a man in the street t'other day
But the man was a stranger to me
He said, 'What's the time?' So I pulled out my watch
I said, 'Look for yourself - do, go on -
I don't think it's going' He said 'Yes it is'
In a tick after that it was gone
As I opened my eyes, I said, 'How time flies!'
My watch in his hand I could see
And I'd a good mind to ask him to give it me back
But the man was a stranger to me.

One night up the street I was swanking about
When a stylish young lady dashed by
With a heavy portmanteau she'd been for the coal
I could tell by the piece in her eye
She said, 'Will you carry this for me please?'
Well, I've carried parcels before
And she was good looking, so I took on the job
And I carried it home to her door
The door opened wide. She said - 'Come inside
Sit down and I'll make you some tea
Are you fond of pastry?' - and I would have said yes
But the girl was a stranger to me.
Written and composed by T.W. Connor - 1919
Performed by George Formby Sr. (1877-1921)
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