Maria was young and Maria was sweet
From the top of her head to the tips of her feet
And she'd frequently sung with a sweet little tongue
In the choir at Turnham Green
One day, Hezekiah, a smart lawyer's clerk
He gazed on Maria's sweet charms after dark
And he sighed for Maria who sang in the choir
Maria of Turnham Green.

Chorus: Hezekiah met Maria at Turnham Green, 'twas plain
Where they send the old cabbages to turn 'em green again
Sweet Maria sang in the choir - of girls she was the Queen
When she caught Hezekiah, the rest of the choir
Felt jealousy turn 'em green.

Maria went our for nice strolls with her beau
And the youth knew what suited his health, don't you know
He would sit 'neath the moon for a nice little spoon
With Maria of Turnham Green
She said, 'Hezekiah, when I am your bride
In Park Lane I think I should like to reside
Though I do not aspire to wealth,' said Maria
'I'm tired of Turnham Green.'


Alas for Maria, alas for her face
As they sat there, one day, in the usual place
They were suddenly stopped, for his wife on him dropped
Hezekiah of Turnham Green
She went for his hair - then she went for his girl
She scratched her and put her sweet locks out of curl
Now our gentle Maria repairs will require
Maria, of Turnham Green.

Written and composed by John P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1903
Performed by Iris Innes
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