I'm workin' wae a grocer at the corner o' oor street;
I go all his messages for 'one and six' a week.
When the shop is full o' folk, I've got to serve, as well,
An' when I've served the folk I've served, I always serve mysel'.

Chorus: Oh! I'm up, up early in the mornin',
Whether the weather it is rain or shine.
I'm up and doon and roon,
A' the hooses in the toon,
With my basket till it's half-past-nine.

We're goin' to ha'e a sale next week, o' different kinds o' teas,
Lamb and ham and eggs and all the different sorts o' cheese.
I ken it's time the cheese was sold, 'cause it can really talk!
A gorgonzola, last week, asked a ham oot for a walk.

Written, composed and performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950) - 1911
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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