It's nearly a year since I had a clean shirt
It's a treat that I cannot afford
And I doss in Booth's shelters at two D's a time
Or I take on the casual ward
Last night as I slumbered, I had a strange dream
For the plank bed on which I was laid
Had very few feathers they hadn't planed off
And I fancy it had not been made

Chorus: I saw the back kitchen in which I was born
I saw the old slum in the 'dials'
Where I played as a boy, with a brick for a toy
And was known as a moocher for miles
My Pa was boozing nightly
And my Mother was shifting the gin
And the Lodger was taking the old girl out
And taking the old man in

And as still on I slumbered I dreamt that I saw
And the sight it brought tears to my eyes
Saw the dear wife who left me when I wouldn't work
The poor wife I've deserted for years
I saw the black eyes that I gave her that night
When she parted my hair with a brick
I heard once again her dear Mother's reproof
As she flattened my nose with a stick

Chorus: I saw the dear home that I sweetly broke up
I saw Mary Ann on the floor
I saw once again her dear Mother in pain
With a slight dislocation of jaw
We all were swearing slightly
And the bobbies came in with the din
And the Landlord he put the whole lot out
And the brokers in

Now, the scene next was shifted down Westminster way
And I dreamt that for honours I burned
As a working man's member who didn't like work
To the Parliament I got returned
And there, as I slumbered, I saw an old man
With a woodcutters axe in his hand
Just trying to manage a very mixed lot
And they called them the Radical band

Chorus: I saw them all wrangling for this and for that
While Labby was playing the fool
And all more or less in a deuce of a mess
With a Bill to give Paddy Home Rule
And then the Sun shone brightly
And I saw what I saw with a grin
'Twas the country putting the new lot out
And the old lot in
Performed by Herbert Campbell (1844-1904)
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