I've been deceived, I've been betrayed, and treated most unkindly
By a cruel wicked jade I loved her madly, blindly
She kept a little sweetstuff shop, did false Miss Quisby Splinter
She sold ice cream, and ginger pop, and crumpets in the winter.

Chorus: Oh Muffins and crumpets for tea
I never thought that she'd have sold me
She said she was fair gone on me
While I was trying to turn in a bob
She would be having a spree
And this other fellow would be on the job
Having Muffins and crumpets for tea.

She used to praise my hair and eyes, and vowed that if she lost me
She'd kill herself, what wicked lies, to swear the same she forced me
“Tis foolishness to tell you this, but how my poor heart flutters
As I recall those happy hours when I put up the shutters.


One day when I had sold all out, and came home with the money
The shutters they were all put up, thinks I “That's rather funny”
On peeping through the keyhole I quickly did discover
That my girl whom I thought so true had got another lover.

Written and composed by Harry King - 1889
Performed by Dan Leno (1860-1904)
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