One shilling left, and oh, to think that in a few short years
I've squandered all my fortune, now my hopes are turned to fears
A life of wild extravagance and reckless gaiety
Has blighted all my future, ah, what will that future be?
The sight of this bright silver coin, which I learned to despise
Has brought me to my senses, and my better feelings rise
A few months back, crisp notes and sov'reigns to the winds I hurled
Now this lone shilling seems to me to be - well - all the world.

Chorus: All that is left to me - left of a wasted life
Will it be friend or foe, will it bring comfort or strife?
If it were a golden coin, to waste it I'd be willing
But 'tis not to my heart to let me part with my last shilling.

One shilling left! - what use is that to me? What good is life?
I dare not face my friends, or she who was to be my wife
Shall I be welcome to those friends, as in days of yore?
No, no! they'll spurn me: why did I not think of that before?
My loved one often begged me for her sake to mend my ways
The girl whose love I cast aside when money was my craze
She'll gladly leave her comfort and her friends to stick to me
But, no, I'm not a cur - she must not share my poverty.


One shilling left - my pals will say, 'The fault is all his own
Poor fool! he had his chance, 'tis best to let him starve alone.'
Great God! am I a man, to let such thoughts come in my brain?
This coin's to me a lesson - seems to spur me on again
I've never had to work, for Fortune made my kettle boil
Yet I've the health and strength, thank Heaven, so why should I not toil?
I will work, aye, some honest sweat may bring me peaceful sleep
But one thing in my pocket as a treasure I will keep.

Written and composed by Harry Leighton - 1901
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