In Merry Stuart days the nation seldom gets depressed
All through that merry Monarch cheerful Charles the stage door pest
Who is it that supplies the wit that keeps his temper in
None other than my pretty witty Mistress Nellie Gwyn.

Chorus: Hey, ho, folderol day
Pushing me through to the Kings Highway
Naughty Nellie Gwyn, sporty Nellie Gwyn
Flopping around in Drury lane, popping in pubs and out again
A truly sorry state of grace, I found old England in
But Nellie was waiting in the queue
She threw a blood-orange at Charlie too
He was hit in the pit before he knew
By naughty Nellie Gwyn.

To liven up the gal methinks I did my very best
'Twas I that restored the rebels that old Cromwell had suppressed
At Peckham Fair I did my share of witchery and fun
With half a horse, some venison and a halfpenny Chelsea bun.

Chorus: I spy, a cuckold awry
Who'd have a dip the old grand pie
Naughty Nellie Gwyn, full of port and gin
Dashing round the mulberry bush
Cannoning off the Royal cush
Though many favourites tried the door, a very few got in
But Nellie was out to make a spread
She lay on her lovely silver bed
With by Royal appointment overhead
Naughty Nellie Gwyn.
Performed by Douglas Byng (1893-1987)
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