I'm a naughty Victorian lady, full of fire and desire
I live amidst antimacassars and hassocks
And pictures of generals about to expire
I'm here, in an era much queerer than anything since primitive races
And full of repressions, confessions and stuffed birds in cases
And though I'm pure and demure, don't imagine that I'm slow, oh no, oh no
I will have me fling, and I've learnt everything that a lady should know

Chorus: Naughty Victorian ladies, so indiscrete
Don't think I'm dated because I created
Some memories bitter and sweet
My mother's advice I'm continually scorning
I romp in the woods until five in the morning
And play with the Gypsies in spite of the warning
Whoa, those naughty Victorian days

I always have young men around me, beaut, in pursuit
I'm so much admired that I get very tired
Of lovers continually pressing their suit
At night, so very sprightly and brightly
The gardens so cheerfully I favour
Each time that the fairy lights fade, I get braver and braver
But should a young beau be too slow for my frolic and fun
His fate I decide when? I'm satisfied that his bow is undone

Chorus: Naughty Victorian Ladies _ so indiscrete
Cutting such capers with young men ?, having the vapours
And tearing their stays off in the street
I've made some wax fruit which I've carefully painted
With this kind of work I'm not well acquainted
It was so like the vicar the parlour-maid fainted
Whoa, those naughty Victorian days

Chorus: Naughty Victorian Ladies _ so indiscrete
Oh see? the gala each night in the parlour
Just look at the state of the suite
Today the old sofa away has been carried
So many young men on that horse-hair have tarried
It was through that old sofa that Mother was married
Whoa, those naughty Victorian days.
Performed by Douglas Byng (1893-1987)
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