In manners and morals much better
'Tis certain of late we have grown
For intellect casts off the fetter
Which ignorance o'er us has thrown
Our rulers think all crime soon cease will
If they but bind us with strong laws
So listen to this 'New Police Bill'
Invented by one Mr Hawes.

On Sundays when parsons are preaching
All vehicles softly must go
No noise then their ears must be reaching
No sound of wheel, no cry, 'Whoa'
But the church need not make such a grumbling
If outside a racket they make
If coaches may not make a rumbling
What's to keep the folk inside awake?

All boys who buy fireworks will get off
With hard knocks by peelers soon met
And for every squib they let off
A 'Cracker' they'll certainly get
Then 'flying of kites' is a pity
Unless out of London they dwell
If the same thing were stopped in the city
I think it would be just as well.

In one's arm now no lady may lock hers
At night through the streets as we go
No larking young gents wrench off knockers
Or ring a peel, or strike a blow
This new act such doings will quell now
For thus it is writ by law's pen
All gentlemen may pull no bells now
And Belles now pull no gentlemen.
Written and composed by J. Bretton & Jonathan Blewitt - 1840
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