Oh, I'm a little citizen that many people know
I serve the gents with papers as they bustle too and fro
I'm in the city every day, my papers crying out
Perhaps you may have heard me obediently shout,

Chorus: 'Globe, Echo, Special Sir
Funny Folks and funny jokes
Fun and funny rhymes
Illustrated London News, sir, which shall it be?
Titbits, Judy, Moonshine, Punch, Entr'acte or Referee,
Thank you, Sir.'

My name is William but my comrades call me 'Paper Bill'
They evidently don't possess a literary will
They think good jokes are dull and politics very dry
And Oh you ought to hear them laugh and mimic when I cry,


They know me at the offices in Fleet Street and the Strand
I bustle in and bustle out with papers in my hand
I beat retreat into the street and nimbly dodge about
Then jump on to an omnibus and in the window shout,


Political, theatrical, I've all the latest news
From pugilistic thumping to the Court and Royal Reviews
So if you're in the city with a most determined will
To buy a penny paper, don't forget this little Bill.

Written and performed by Tom Graham (1869-1897) - 1896
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