No doubt you've heard of Nora and her naughty, knowing nod
Nora from the neighbourhood of Norwood
Her ways are rather skittish and her manners very odd
Considering the lady lives in Norwood
She's a member of the Library, the one that's labelled 'free'
But she thinks of joining Mudies, for it's evident that she
Does not enjoy the kind of books supplied by Carnegie
For the reading's very tame, and so is Norwood.

Chorus: Nora is a nice girl, Nora is a dear
Some people even say that she is forward
The books she likes the best, are the ones that get suppressed
But they've never heard of books like that in Norwood.

She got engaged last Winter for a London pantomime
For she couldn't get engaged at all in Norwood
Tho' the draper sadly missed her when it got to Christmas time
But things are often missing down in Norwood
The part she played was Fairy Queen, she'd not done that before
She had a little song to sing, and always one encore
She looked divinely lovely in the costume that she wore
She'd have been locked up for wearing it in Norwood.

Chorus: Nora was a nice girl, Nora was a dear
When one 'Audiant' applauded, three or four would
She'd then come back and bow, but she's out of work just now
Or at least she says she's 'resting' down in Norwood.

She took a little holiday one Summer by the sea
There was nothing else worth taking down in Norwood
On the promenade each morning you would see this dainty 'she'
They have no promenade or pier in Norwood
You would see her every evening going on the pier alone
She'd impress you she was quiet, and assume a haughty tone
But was never seen to leave the pier without a chaperone
A 'mash' is called a chaperone in Norwood.

Chorus: Nora is a nice girl, Nora is a dear
If one gazed at her whilst bathing, quite a score would
All the boys would simply swarm, just to watch her dainty form
They said she wanted 'watching' down in Norwood.

She met a belted earle once at a Covent Garden Ball
They have no Covent Gardens down in Norwood
Though he filled up all her programme, they didn't dance at all
She'd read of 'sitting out' when down in Norwood
He told her that he loved her, and vowed that he'd be true
And thinking of his income, she said she loved him too
They eventually got married, now she's Lady Nonowho
And never thinks of 'Third returns' to Norwood.

Chorus: Nora is 'My Lady', Nora is a swell
She's generally in 'Everything's a bore' mood
You would think her pedigree went to something like B.C
But it doesn't go much further back than Norwood.
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