I live with my granny, in a pretty home,
Down a rustic dell, where the gipsies roam,
I've got a young man, who lives down our way,
And when he takes me out for a walk, you'll hear my granny say,

Chorus: Now then Molly, don't stay late,
Don't stand talking at the old toll-gate,
Now then Molly, be home at nine,
For courting after nine o'clock is all moonshine.

His name is Barney Riley, I met him in Armagh,
He often takes me for a drive on his jaunting car,
But it really is annoying, whenever we go out,
To see my granny at the gate and hear her loudly shout,


There's going to be a wedding, soon I'll be his own,
For Barney's going to marry sweet Molly Malone,
Oh, won't it be so jolly, the bells will ring of course,
And then my dear old granny, may hollo' 'til she's hoarse.

Written and composed by W.H. McCarthy
Performed by Jessie MacNally (1867-1903)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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