The 'Chantecler' in this 1910 song refers to the four act play, 'Chantecler' written by Edmond Rostand which premiered in Paris on 7 February of the same year. The play was notable in that all the characters were farmyard animals including the main protagonist, a chanticleer, or rooster.

Some time ago there came to town the famous 'Chantecler'.
My wife she went to see
This thing from gay paree,
And now she's fairly caught the craze
And taken off her clothes.
And dressed up like a bird, she walks,
About the place and crows.

Chorus: Oh! Chantecler,
What have you done for me?
My old girl's gone M.A.D.
I can't get a sensible word from Sue,
For all she does is to waddle about
And Cock-A-Doodle-oo!

Last night I slept upon the floor, for when I sought my bed,
She'd cut it all about,
And took the feathers out.
I asked her what she'd done with them;
She answered with a grin,
'I've shaved the fur from off the cat,
And stuck the feathers in.'


She's put the dog inside a cage and feeds it every day,
On giblets, you must know,
To try and make it crow.
When I got home this afternoon,
Our darling baby, Jack
Was dressed up like a duck and she
Was teaching him to quack!


Written and composed by Frank Wood - 1910
Performed by Bernard Russell (1876-1910)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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