(From Putney To Kew)

I don't mind telling you,
I took my girl to Kew,
And Emma was the darling creature's name.
While standing on the pier,
Some chaps at her did leer,
And one and all around her did exclaim,

Chorus: Oh! Emma, Wo! Emma,
Emma, you put me in quite a dilemma,
Oh! Emmam, Wo! Emma,
That's what I heard from Putney to Kew.

I asked them what they meant,
When someone at me sent,
An egg which nearly struck me in the eye,
The girl began to scream,
Saying, 'Fred, what does this mean?'
I asked again and this was their reply.


I thought they'd never cease,
So shouted out, 'Police!'
And when he came he looked at me so sly.
The crowd they then me chaffed,
And said, I must be daft,
And once again they all commenced to cry,


An old man said to me,
'Young man, can't you see,
The joke?' and I looked at him with surprise.
He said, 'Don't be put out,
It's a saying got about.'
And then their voices seemed to rent the air.


Written and composed by John Read
Performed by Fred Coyne (1845-1886)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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