I've been very, very busy packing up to go
Away to see a certain bonnie lassie whom I know
I wasn't going to go at first, was always hesitating,
But I'll have to go to stop my heart a palpitating.

Chorus: I know a lassie out in Ohio
Says she wants to see me
so I guess I'll have to go oh!
If I'm very long away
I want you all to know
I am never, never
coming back from Ohio.

Ev'ry fellow has an oportunity they say,
If he can only see it as he roves along the way.
I've been roving, all my life, but somehow always miss'd her,
But when the right girl comes along a fellow can't resist her.


I never, never, never thought that love is what it is.
I didna know the nervous system all began to fizz.
I've been fizzin' for a week,I've never been so happy,
Feel intoxicated, and I haven't had a drappie.


Written, composed and performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950) - 1921
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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