Where are the boys of the old brigade?
Who fought with us side by side?
Shoulder to shoulder and blade by blade
Fought till they fell and died
Who so ready and undismayed?
Who so merry and true?
Where are the boys of the old brigade?
Where are the lads we knew?

Chorus: Then steadily shoulder to shoulder
Steadily blade by blade
Ready and strong, marching along
Like the boys of the old brigade.

Over the sea far away they lie
Far from the land of their love
Nations alter, the years go by
But Heav'n is still Heav'n above
Not in the Abbey proudly laid
Find they a place or part
The gallant boys of the old brigade
They sleep in old England's heart.

Written and composed by Fred Weatherly & Odoardo Barri
Performed by Norman Allin (1884-1973)
Performed by C. Hayden Coffin (1862-1935)
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