Them basement 'ouses takes a lot of workin'
I wouldn't 'ave one, not at any price
We've got a little attic flat, it's cheaper
And on the 'hole it's reely very nice
It's like a service flat 'cos there's a fish shop just below
That's 'andy when you've friends calls unexpected like, you know
It's 'omely, an' I'm 'omely, an' my 'usband's 'omely too
An' all out friends is 'omely people, same as me an' you
We're regular Bohemians is me an' my ole man
If you want to pour your tea out in your saucer, well you can
Or put your feet up on the chimbly piece, san fairy an
It's vulgar, very likely, still it's 'omely.

My 'usband says as 'ow the bedroom's poky
'E says there isn't room to swing a cat
We 'aven't got a cat, an' if we 'ad one
We shouldn't want to swing it, so that's that
I know the ceiling slopes, but my old man won't bang 'is 'ead
'E's never in a 'urry over jumpin' out of bed
It's 'omely, an' I'm 'omely, an' my 'usband's 'omely too
And all our furniture, that's 'omely, still we make it do
We furnished out of 'Ome Notes, 'cos they gave some splendid 'ints
'Ow to make things out of orange boxes covered up with chintz
And it's very bright and cheerful 'cos they're all in different tints
A sort of jazz effect, but still it's 'omely.

My old man, 'e's very fond of music
'E never was a man to put on airs
If we 'ad a pianner, well, 'e couldn't play it
Besides, we'd never get it up the stairs
Besides, we can't afford to buy a pianner, anyway
So 'e's got a h'ocarina, and you ought to 'ear 'im play
It's 'omely, an' I'm 'omely, an' my 'usband's 'omely too
And all the tunes 'e plays, they're 'omely, 'e only knows a few
Old tunes like ''Ome sweet Ome' and 'Bonnie Mary of Argyll'
When we 'ave the skylight open, you can 'ear the noise for miles
And we get a lovely Chorus:from the tom-cats on the tiles
It mayn't be 'igh-class music, still it's 'omely.

Sometimes we 'ave a little social evening
If anybody 'appens just to call
We never send out any invitations
They all know as our place is Lib'ty 'All
They all know where the syphon an' the whisky bottle stands
They all know where to go if they want to wash their 'ands
It's 'omely, an' I'm 'omely, an' my 'usband's 'omely too
An' all our little evening parties is very 'omely too
We 'ad a game of cards last night, I'm fond of 'apenny nap
I played the King of Diamonds, and cousin Emily's chap
'E went and put the King of 'Earts on top, and shouted 'Snap'
Well, it's not the proper play, but still it's 'omely.

I've always 'eld with 'usbands 'avin' 'obbies
It keeps 'is mind from gettin' in a groove
Of course 'e mayn't do very well to start with
As 'e keeps on gettin' better, 'e'll improve
Our 'erbaceous winder-boxes, now, they're beautiful to see
We're very fond of 'oney, so we're goin' to keep a bee
It's 'omely, an' I'm 'omely, an' my 'usband's 'omely too
An' all our 'obbies, they're quite 'omely, an' we've tried a few
We bought some parts from Woolworth's and we made a crystal set
And we listen in to New York, well, we 'aven't 'eard it yet
I put the aerial up across the kitchen when it's wet
And 'ang the washing on it, an' it's 'omely.
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