There's a jolly little crew that I know,
Boys for a rare old spree,
Up to every game alive,
All know how many beans make five,
Boys of a good old sort,
No matter where we go,
We're all one class, when we've the brass,
So all you must know,

Chorus: That I'm one of the boys,
Have what you like with me,
Don't be afraid to order one,
I am the boy that's fond of fun.
Plenty of L.S.D.
Fond of making a noise,
Always the same, so give it a name,
And drink with one of the boys

There's a cosy little pub we all know,
Where all the boys oft meet,
You can hear our glasses chink,
While we're singing, 'All have a drink!'
No-one objects to pay,
Each member stands his share,
It's pennies to me and so you see,
We once again declare,


There's a tricky little 'beak' down our way,
Wide as a 'beak' can be,
Last week before him I was brought,
He said, 'You seem the proper sort!'
Then I gave him the wink,
At me he shook his head,
Just tell me true, now what are you?
And this is what I said,

Written and composed by George Maurice & Charles Deane - 1893
Performed by Charles Deane (1866-1910)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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