You talk about them 'Soldiers of the Queen'
About what 'giddy kippers ' they have been
But you'll admit , when I say I'm a nurse
I ought to know, and I know something worse
I met one night a soldier, as I thought
And various refreshments for him bought
I thought the other nurses would be riled
But as we sauntered by they only smiled.

Chorus: And to think that I went and lost my heart
When I saw his uniform
To think that I lent him my purse to treat
And took him home for a bit of cold meat
To think that I sat with him in the Park
My head upon his shoulder
And after all that to find that
He was only a Saturday soldier.

I'd just picked up my quarter's wages, too
And bought a bonnet trimmed with red and blue
'Twas my day out, so to the park I sped
And there I met this specimen in red
He asked if I would have a drink, so I
Handed him half-a-dollar in reply
About this gentleman I'd no fear
Just like a proper soldier he mopped beer.

Chorus: And to think that I've been a nursemaid
For two years exact today
To think that I've gone in a private bar
And lent my purse to a Fifth Hussar
And after he'd spent it like a man,
No other could be bolder
After all that to be had for a flat
By a blooming Saturday Soldier.

I wondered what could be his blooming corps
I'd never seen that uniform before
He said he was the Major-General's groom
In the underground Artillery from Khartoum
He said he was the pride of battery 'Q'
Which took precedence of the Horse-Guards blue
And I believed him with a faith sublime
I let him have my watch to tell the time.

Chorus: And to think that I've walked with a Grenadier
And a 'Cold-cream' Guard as well
With a 'colour bloke' in the infantree
And every rank of Artilleree
To think that a sergeant of Dragoons
Has whispered 'I love to hold yer'
And then to be squeezed and fondled by
A bandy-legged Saturday soldier.

I thought he was a soldier all the day
Because for everything he let me pay
I took him home and gave him grub and beer
And then he said he was a volunteer
I thought he was a scamp, and told him so
And as I cried, 'You villain, you must go'
In came my boss and missus on our track
They threw him out and then gave me the sack.

Chorus: And to think that a bandsman winked at me
And a Royal Engineer
To think that a corporal in the line
I'd promised to meet at a quarter to nine
To think that the missus sacked me
And the boss said, 'What have I told yer'
I'm in disgrace and out of a place
All through a Saturday soldier.
Performed by Lily Marney
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