I can ne'er forget the days when I was in the West.
I can ne'er forget the times wi' her I lov'd the best.
Sun or snaw, or frost or thaw, my passion was the same.
The lass o' Ardentinny aye attracted me frae hame.

Chorus: O'er the hill to Ardentinny,
Just to see my bonnie Jeannie,
Just to get one o' her smiles,
I would walk a hunder' miles.

I can ne'er forget the day she promis'd me her hand.
I believe I was the proudest man in all the land.
She just wrote a simple note to say, "You've won my heart.
Come o'er to Ardentinny and we'll never, never part."


I can ne'er forget the day, the twenty-sixth o' June,
When the minister said, "Bless ye!" I commenc'd my honeymoon.
I grabb'd her round the neck and crumpled all her granny's lace,
Then tried to kiss her through her veil, but couldna find the place.


Written, composed and performed by Harry Lauder (1870-1950) - 1917
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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