A parson preached to his flock one day on the sins of the human race
And the clerk a loud 'amen' did say with the solomnest tones and face
But that pious clerk on the quiet though would venture a bit of remark
'All sin is sweet' said the parson.
'Then I'm for sin' said the clerk 'Amen'
'Yes sin for me' said the clerk 'Amen'

Chorus: 'Amen.'

Oh never covet thy neighbour's goods, so the parson said, 'Nor his maid
For to rob a man of that that's his why a fellow should be afraid
And, oh covet ye not thou man of sin, I pray you this matter to mark,
Thy neighbour's wife,' said the parson,
'The maid for me' said the clerk 'Amen'
'The slavey for me' said the clerk 'Amen'


'As Christian men' said the parson, you should ever be humble and meek
And you should not strike a sinful man when he landeth you on the cheek
Nay turn my friends to that erring one, yea, turn to that sinner so dark
The other cheek' said the parson.
'I'd break his nose,' said the clerk, 'Amen'
'Land him at once, ' said the clerk, 'Amen'


'The girls are awfully frivolous,' the parson he said with a groan
'And the boys too of the Sunday school won't let the young hussies alone
I have watched them grin behind their books
And I've seen those boys for a lark kissing the girls' said the parson
'I've done it myself' said the clerk, 'Amen'
'They're fond of it too' said the clerk, 'Amen.'


And now my sermon friends is done and I bid you go work and pray
Don't do as your parson does but do as you parson's say
But ere you depart to your worldly cares I'd venture this thing to remark
'never drink' said the parson.
'I'm awfully dry,' said the clerk, 'Amen'
'I'm off for a drop' said the clerk'Amen'

Performed by G.H. MacDermott (1845-1901)
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