I met my friend Patrick McKenna, one evening in Burlington Street
He said to me, 'Hi, Tim, my old chum,
Here's a ticket that will give you a treat.'
I took up the card that he offered, 'twas not very large, 'twas small
It said, 'Let a gent and a lady join the party in Odd Fellows Hall.'

Chorus: Waltzes, Polkas, Lancers, Gallops, Glides
Scottische, Mazurka, Quadrilles, and Reels and Slides
Barn Dance, Cotillion, how they danced 'em well
I'll never forget the time, you can bet
I went down to Odd Fellows Hall.

I paid my half crown for the ticket, then I called on Miss McCann
She said she would go to the party 'cause I was such an elegant man
So we went down and jumped in a hansom
The driver says, 'Where shall I call?'
Says I, in a dignified manner, 'You can take us to Odd Fellows Hall.'


McKenna was floor director, he wore a green badge on his chest
A pink necktie tucked in his shirtfront by jove, he was handsomely dressed
And when he waltzed off with Bridget, sure I wasn't in it at all
But I says to meself, 'Whist, McKenna
There's more than one man in the Hall.'


I waited until they had finished, then up to him boldly goes
And I says to him, 'Patsey McKenna, say where did you hire them clothes?'
'You're a liar' says Pat in a second, says I, 'What's that word that ye call?'
And the next minute me and McKenna were cleaning up Odd Fellows Hall.


Next morning, before Justice Vaughan, McKenna and me was brought in
'Two sov'reigns' says he, 'Or a month, sir' and me and Pat hadn't the tin
So we took a short trip in the country, by jove, were feeling quite small
And we lived for a month on the nation, for scrapping in Odd Fellows Hall

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