Two Irishmen enlisted in the Navy
And had never seen a battleship before
Said Mick to Pat, 'Why what is that?'
Said Pat, 'It's a cannon sure they fire in the war.'
The Mick, he suggested in a whisper
'There's no one about the deck at all
What do you say if we fire away?'
And then said Pat, 'They'll miss the cannon Ball.'

Chorus: 'What will you do if I fire the gun?'
Said Mick, 'I'll stand in front to catch the ball
Then the captain, he won't know
For after I've caught it I can put it back, you know.'
'Fire away,' said Micky, 'I'm ready to catch the ball.'
Patsy fired the gun and the deed was done
Now they can't find Mickey any more.
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